Falcon EDF Limited can offer services to improve operational and administrative efficiencies to oil and gas companies such as:



We have performed numerous studies on existing productions facilities with the aid of computer software. These studies require very little cash outlay and have yielded significant production increases. Some of these studies are summarized as follows:


         A sour gas plant was switched from DEA to MDEA. This reduced downtime and maintenance costs. The problem was attributed to severe corrosion. The selective Amine (MDEA) slipped C02 eliminating it in the Amine, thus mitigating the corrosive environment in the Amine regenerating operation.

         A sour gas oil battery was de-bottlenecked through a pipe flow simulation program. Multi-phased flow was identified and re-routed. This reduced well backpressure increasing overall oil throughput by 20%.

         A sweet gas plant (twinned facility) was modeled using computer software.  The model showed that NGL recoveries should have been higher given the operating conditions. An investigation showed that A valve, which balanced the load between the two facilities, was set incorrectly. After resetting the valve, recoveries return to the predetermined rate of 200 bbl/d.

         A sour gas gathering system was modeled using computer software. The optimum gas routing was identified, enabling more gas to be tied in with minimal investment.

         The project involved modeling the existing pipeline network to match the existing operating conditions. Modifications debottlenecked production to increase flow; this ensured the lowest wellhead pressure possible at most of the wells. Maximizing well production.



There is increasing pressure from the EUB to manage pipelines correctly and efficiently.  We have become aware that many oil companies are unaware of all the pipelines that exist in their inventory.  Some of these may be improperly abandoned or are still registered with the EUB thus causing tax liability. Falcon EDF Limited has helped companies to re-register from sweet to sour gas, map and identify all of their pipelines.



We have performed CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Options Reports on greenhouse gases and developed methods of improving companies? environmental performance.



At client?s request, authored articles are available on many Oil and Gas topics such as debottlenecking and process design.