•          ENCANA Weyburn Produced Gas Recycle Compressors(K701/702) De-Bottlenecking

Increased the capacity of the existing produced gas recycle compressors with minimal downtime and capital expense. The scope of work included changing the cylinder and staging configuration and adding two 400 HP Reda-Schlumberger multi stage horizontal pumps to boost the dense phase CO2 produced gas to injection pressure.

  •          ENCANA Weyburn Central Plant Addition of 25 MMSCFD of Gas Compression Capacity to the Re-Cycle Gas Injection System

This project included the front end engineering and compressor selection (Ariel JGU/6) of a new electrically driven 3-stage reciprocating compressor capable of 25 MMSCFD of recycle gas with a pressure differential from 1380 kPa-g to 15,960 kPa-g. Flare heater, piping modifications, electrical components and power generation unit was also included in the scope of work. Project currently on hold due to recession.

  •          ENCANA Weyburn CO2 Dense Phase Two New 600 HP MOTOR Installation

This project was designed to increase the capacity of the existing produced gas recycle Pumps with minimal downtime and capital expense. Two 600 HP electric motors were added to increase the capacity of the existing 400 HP CO2 REDA Multistage Injection pumps.

  •          ENCANA Weyburn Central Plant Addition of 100 MMSCFD High Pressure Control Flare System

This project comprised the installation of 1 X 100 MMSCFD John Zink Rimfire high pressure continuous flaring. The project included installing new high pressure flare piping (NPS-24?) capable of 224 MMSCFD of recycle gas (CO2) and fuel gas blending to enrich the recycle gas to 6-8 MJ/m3.  

  •          ENCANA Weyburn Central Plant Low Pressure Flare System Upgrade

This project was initiated to de-bottleneck the existing low pressure water and oil storage tanks gas conservation and flaring capabilities.

The gathering line to the VRU and emergency flare was upgraded from NPS-12? to NPS-16?. A John Zink high efficiency rim fire flare was installed to handle operating upsets. The previous flare gathering system was debottlenecked (Tank, PVRV?s relieving to atmosphere). The present new LP Flare is operating per design (all off gas handled by VRU). Upsets to flare through newly installed LP Pressure relieving valve operates without tank PRVR?s relieving.  (Only in emergency situations when the VRU is inoperative)

  •          ENCANA Weyburn Recyle gas ngl liquids recovery

A process study and feasibility economic analysis was performed to recover NGL liquids from the recycle gas. Two alternatives were evaluated, crude spiking and fractionation.  The design flows were 120 MMSCFD.  Project payback was under 1 year.