•        ENCANA Pelican Lake Water Conditioning Process Request

The objective of this project was to obtain process alternatives to treat Grosmont source water to reduce the TDS (total dissolved solids) to the same level as Grand Rapids source water.  The proposal included all process equipment required, with chemical consumption and a material balance of treated water output, chemical addition, and wastewater.

  •      HUSKY ASP Waterflood 2-30-916 W4M Crows Nest Battery

To provide an ASP (Alkali, Surfactant, Polymer) injection Plant, for the purpose of enhanced oil recovery at the Crows Nest Battery. It was installed contiguous to the existing battery.

  •      HUSKY Polymer Waterflood 06-13-06-17 W4M Etzikom and 11-16-07-16 W4M

To upgrade the existing Etzikom polymer injection plant to handle ASP Process for the Warner sister battery to the north. The plant was totally revamped and debottlenecked. A new material balance was used to size existing and new equipment. The project comprised a new pipeline for produced water from the Warner Battery and an injection header/pipeline pump skid at Warner.